"And toward the moon's attractive crescence bend. - H. Brooke."

Cres´cence - Increase; growth. Spanish: Crecimiento, aumento.


Patty Podhaisky, MA, LPC

There are no mistakes in life. Each event brings about an opportunity for transformation and deeper purpose. My role as a therapist is to mirror this reality back to clients, help “contain” some of the more painful aspects of certain experiences, and be an objective guide as each one finds their way in the self-healing process. It is a tremendous privilege and a deep joy to engage with clients on this soulful level.


Counseling Approaches


This is a lengthy way of describing an evidence-based psychotherapy for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It has also been used to treat anxiety and a myriad of other issues. Created in 1987 by Dr. Francine Shapiro, this approach combines imagery, mindfulness and cognitive techniques in a structured treatment plan designed to meet each client’s particular needs. Its effectiveness has been extensively


Services and Fees

Let’s Do This Together!

At Crescence Counseling, I work to find the best fit for my clients, whether it is regarding a suitable counseling approach, a customized fee schedule, or accommodating session time. Each client is offered a complimentary intake session of 15-20 minutes so we each can consider whether working together is the best fit.  Whether you prefer a skill-based approach such as EMDR, more symbolic methods