About • Patty Podhaisky, MA, LPC

MA in Counseling and Theology • Enneagram • Depth Psychology (Jungian) • Child and Youth Play Therapy

“There are no mistakes in life. Each event brings about an opportunity for transformation and deeper purpose.”

My role as a therapist is to mirror this reality back to clients, help “contain” some of the more painful aspects of certain experiences, and be an objective guide as each one finds their way in the self-healing process. It is a tremendous privilege and a deep joy to engage with clients on this soulful level.

I work with individuals—adults and children—to help them find their way through life’s current challenges, whether those would be job loss, death of a loved one, struggles in relationships, any life transitions and questions that surface as one searches for deeper meaning in life.  Therapy is a joint venture between client and therapist, and the therapist creates a safe environment in which growth can and does happen. I particularly enjoy working with clients through the lens of their spirituality. You can read more about therapy styles on the Approaches page.

Education and Training

I received my MA in Counseling from Regis University, Denver, CO, in 2014 and an MA in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, in 2001. My BA is also from Regis, 1986. I am also trained in Enneagram, Depth Psychology (Jungian approach) and Child and Adolescent Play Therapy. I completed my training in EMDR from the EMDR Center of the Rockies in the spring of 2015. Read more at the EMDRIA website, where I am also listed as a therapist.

Languages – English, Spanish, and Portuguese

I received my BA in Spanish and have traveled to Mexico on several occasions. I was a high school Spanish teacher for several years and am fluent in Spanish, though am not a native speaker. I also lived two and a half years in southern Brazil and studied the language and culture in an in-depth way, becoming fluent in Portuguese. I enjoy the distinctions in culture and language that are part of the therapeutic encounter as I meet the client in their own particular context.