Services • Patty Podhaisky, MA, LPC

soulful counseling approaches • customized fee schedules • accommodating session times

“Transformation happens.”

At Crescence Counseling, I work to find the best fit for my clients, whether it is regarding a suitable counseling approach, a customized fee schedule, or accommodating session time. Each client is offered a complimentary intake session of 15-20 minutes so we each can consider whether working together is the best fit. Whether you prefer a skill-based approach such as EMDR, more symbolic methods that are part of dreams, art work or sand play, or other more personally reflective modes, I look forward to working with you. I particularly appreciate working through the lens of spirituality and meaning-making.


I see individual adults for 55 minute sessions to address whatever life issues are currently presenting themselves. There is an initial free intake session of 15-20 minutes to see if there is a fit for the client and therapist.

While I enjoy doing EMDR and working with dreams and sand play, I also very much appreciate clients who desire a less symbolic mode of working. Each person is different and each works in her/his own way.

Children and Adolescents

I see children and teens for 30-55 minute sessions, depending on age and individual needs. As with adults, there is an initial intake session to see if there is a fit for the child and their parents with the therapist.

Because most children use play as a basic and primary language, I use play and sand play therapy most of the time, dependent on the age of the child.  Most adolescents will use some talk and might enjoy a board game or a craft project to help facilitate communication. As stated above, EMDR can also be used with teens and children, for those clients who are seeking relief from traumatic events.

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    • Initial intake sessions are 15-20 min.
    • Adult Sessions are 55 min.
    • Children and Teen sessions are 30-55 min.
    • EMDR sessions can sometimes run up to 90 min. and will be billed accordingly.
    • Intake Session: Complimentary
    • Hourly rate: $140
    • Half hour rate: $70
    • Phone rate: $30/15 min
    • Reduced hourly rate: $85
      • Other negotiated rates are available
Other Information:
  • Availability:
      • Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
      • Additional hours available upon request.


      • I am credentialed with various private insurance companies.  Please inquire. 
      • I do accept Medicaid and, as of January 11, 2024, Medicare.